Four loko has received more attention from its recent ban than it has in the five years its been sold.  With this new publicity sales have paradoxically increased.  Four Loko is flourishing from its demise.

I’ve collected images from social networking sites that demonstrate how american culture is dealing with the loss of Loko by making it a commodity fetish (object) and communal phenomenon.  Loko is receiving particular hype/mourning on the internet.

blue rasberry triangles

holla at your boy- nothing basic!

got another case of four loko the other day the tower is bigger now

gettin wasted

hose were the gu;D night'z.. plz dont ban them in WI.. lmaogangstafour loko grape is the shitNo lemonade I got orange tho!!! lolNo lemonade I got orange tho!!! lolPUNCH LOKO'S!...R.I.P LOL

No lemonade I got orange tho!!! lol

four loko grape is the shit


Happy Halloweeeeennn!!! ♥

keep four loko alive post pictures

Plenty to go aroun!

Love me ma Boo!

save the 4 loko!

People Kissing Four Loko:

Four LoooooKooooo ♥