Games – That we can play

Electronic due featuring Daniel Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never in a 1986 Miami beach  joy ride through neon syrup and pixels

Games – Shadows In Bloom by alteredzones

Strawberry Skies (Recommended)
Heaven Can Wait Mixtape Vol. III by Games

Keep Shelly in Athens

Mysterious Grecian group who constructs eruptions of spaced out hip-hop leisure vibes and build up burst of fun times saturated in lo-fi electronic glory. Keep an eye out for more to come

Running out of you (Recommended)
Cremona Memories

Charles Bernstein – Harvard University, Barker Center, October 5, 2009

Complete Reading (59:19)
Dear%r Fr~ien%d, (3:01)

 Once screwed, upbeat songs in a major key destabilize into eerie tonalities. Dark tunes get darker. The bass goes viscous. A screwed song urges the listener to internalize its dampened tempo, to stretch the existential qualities of the moment to match the music.
In a world where musical creations (remixes included) constantly shed economic value, the screw approach invests minimal effort into sonic transformation – yet the lazy process radically reconfigures a song. Screw dislocates body from voice – baritone rappers sound demonic, turgid, other and female singers melt into androgyny. If a song’s body is the regular-pitched version where the voice corresponds with the person it came from, then screw severs that connection. Paradoxically, screwed rap sounds more carnal than ever, yet the body is negated to expose the soul – or id, or drug-soaked semi-consciousness. Screw is the opposite of transcendence, music optimized for Houston’s stuck-on-earth car culture and oppressive humidity.

Nosummr4u by oOoOO

oOoOO – MyEgyptianLoverRmx by oOoOO

Hearts by oOoOO

Black and Yellow Chopped and Screwed by DJMikeDiv